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The Foostival is this Saturday, and we’re looking for your questions to ask our guests. If you have a question for RPGShack, Corvus, or Jebro, send it through to us using the form below. You can quiz them on anything related to Guild Wars 2, the Community, or getting involved in YouTube, Twitch or Podcasting. Or something else entirely!


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There are a handful of spaces left for the Foostival. You can pick up a ticket through our online store.

Prizes Galore!

The Foostival is rapidly approaching and today we’re revealing a very special delivery that we received from ArenaNet. Just as with last year, we received several boxes of goodies.


But what was in them? Well, it turns out there was a lot!



Pictured above you can see a few of the highlights, including a sports shirt signed by the developers, a “Scarlet Is Dead” ladies shirt, one of the foil Heart of Thorns announcement shirts, a copy of the art book, a Rytlock plushie, Wintersday quaggan plushie and the coveted Guild Wars 2 toaster! This is just a small selection of what will be available for attendees to win on the 7th May; we’ve got mousepads, books and over 40 shirts for you to take home.

If you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, there’s still a few available. Grab yours now through our ticket store.

Order your Foostival 2016 T Shirt

Everyone who plays Guild Wars 2 knows how difficult it can be to get the right outfit for your character. With a wardrobe overflowing with choices, a rainbow of dyes and that’s before we get to the backpacks and the headgear. If you’re making it to the Foostival in London though, we might be able to help you put your outfit together.

Today we’re launching the exclusive Foostival 2016 T Shirt, with a wonderful quaggan infused 8-bit design to reflect this year’s venue, The Secret Weapon.



The design is printed on a charcoal grey Gildan shirt available in men’s and women’s styles, from sizes S to XXL, at £10 a shirt. They go on sale from our BigCartel store tomorrow (2nd April 2016) and will be removed from sale on Wednesday 27th April.

Please note that these shirts are intended for people attending the Foostival and as such can only be picked from inside the event on May 7th.

If you decide you wish to purchase a shirt after 27th April, you’ll also be able to order whilst at the Foostival for delivery to your home at a later date. Please note that if you order at the Foostival, the price will increase to reflect the cost of shipping the shirt to your address.

Tickets are still available for the Foostival and can be picked up from our Ticket Store.

What You Can Expect At The Foostival!

It’s been a few weeks since we launched ticket sales here at Foostival UK. We’ve seen interest from all over the UK and we’d like to let you all know a bit more about what we have planned for you on May 7th.

Time Event
10:30am Doors Open
11:00am Welcome
11:15am Let's break the ice/LFG
12:00pm Roundtable
1:00pm Break for lunch
2:30pm PvP with Jebro & TBD
3:30pm Quiz
4:00pm Prizes
5:00pm Guild Gab & Jumping Puzzle Challenge
6:00pm Goodbyes
6:30pm Doors Close

Here’s a bit more about the various events


After dividing everyone into groups and breaking the ice, we’ll be asking for your feedback on the state of the game. Discuss your opinions with those at your table and take on the role of Commander to relay that to the room. Your feedback will be fed directly back to the community team at ArenaNet.


As we can’t provide lunch this year, we’re expecting our guests will need to go on a mini quest for some grub. There are two shopping centres full of food outlets within a short walk of the venue, or you can bring your own. Whilst finishing off your food (or after trying to convince Greggs that Omnomberry Pie is a thing), head back to the Secret Weapon to indulge in a few casual activities we’ll be running. What better game to play in a bar than Belcher’s Bluff? Or if you’re feeling crafty, build a golem, create a quaggan or put together papercraft charr.

PvP with Jebro

What’s better than competition between friends? Jebro will be bringing his deep knowledge of PvP to Foostival 2016 and sharing it with us all. The Secret Weapon has a number of gaming pcs so get ready to get in game and fight alongside your compatriots. Show Jebro what you’re made of and maybe pick up a few tips along the way.

For those of you who aren’t interested in PvP we’ll be running another event in parallel, but it needs a bit more work. It’ll be ready when its ready!


Surely the regulars at the Dead End bar have a pub quiz? Now Foostival does too. Group up with your team mates and see who has the best knowledge of Tyria and the real world. I don’t know what conundrums the Priory have come up with but if you can best the rest of us, there’s surely a prize in it for you!


Did we mention we’ve got prizes? What Foostival would be complete without swag? We’ve got plenty of RNG in our Foostival lottery. While everyone will get something to go home with, you’d better consume all your luck before Foostival if you want to stand a chance of getting the best stuff.

Not only does the quiz have some amazing prizes but a number of events will be running throughout the day that award epic loot.

Guild Gab

Our special guests RPGShack, Corvus, and the awesome AuroraPeachy have agreed to help make this year extra special by linking up her Foostival stream with us, live on the day, and hosting a special edition of the Guild Gab podcast from Foostival UK. Be sure to join her online or be there in person for the best seat in the house.

Jumping Puzzles

While Guild Gab runs, you’ll have the opportunity to beat a few of our select jumping challenges. They will be revealed on the day so you’ll have to practice all of them! The quickest runs will leave Foostival with a very rare prize.

Beat the Clock in CoF

Throughout the day we will be running our Citadel of Flame trials. We’ll be playing on an even field with a set meta team composition, and the challenge is to see how far you can get through Path 1 in 5 minutes. There will be even more prizes up for grabs; this is the one time CoF drops more than blues and greens!


Tickets are on sale for the Foostival and you’ve got a few days left to grab the cheaper, early bird price. Secure your spot at our ticketing portal before the price rise on April 2nd.


Meet The Team

Now we’ve released a little about this year’s Foostival, we thought you might like to learn a little bit about the team running it. Foostival is an EU wide day of fun run by fans for fans with events across the UK, France, Germany and beyond. A veritable Krewe of busy Bookahs work tirelessly throughout the year to create the best day possible. Here in the UK, our party consists of:


Alternately going by the handle “Screenager”, Ed can be found in World vs World, planting the flag for his server and dipping into PvP now and then. He has been a guild leader, community builder, writer, critic, podcast host, event co ordinator amongst many other things. Ed has played Guild Wars 2 since it launched and has been all over Tyria since then. His favourite race are Sylvari and he’s an engineer through and though.

Outside of Tyria, Ed is an IT bod for a bank, writes for the team at Gaiscioch Magazine, spends a bit too much time at the gym, and loves to dabble in lots of other MMOs. You can follow him on Twitter.


SamAvatar 500

Sam is known to her war band as “Tasha”, a guild leader, community builder and the organising force behind Foostival UK. When a t needs crossing or a list needs making, Sam has it covered and she will make sure we never run out of supplies. She has played both Guild Wars 1 & 2, holding together a tight knit community in the process.

When she’s not in the guild tavern, you can find Sam directing IT stuff, building a world to terrorise her players in Dungeons and Dragons, or just getting up close and personal with the names behind the characters. You can follow her on Twitter.



Also known as the one and only Jebro! He’s probably best known to you all as the face of Guild Wars 2 PvP throughout the EU. As a regular face on our screens every week, Jebro brings a recognisable face to the Foostival and his innate understanding of the PvP scene. Dan has been playing Guild Wars 2 since release and he has gone from a WvW commander to a PvP addict. Jebro will, of course, be bringing his deep knowledge of PvP to Foostival UK.

When he’s not in the mists you can occasionally find him in Verdant Brink (he recently finished Dragon’s Stand for the first time) or with his guild. You can follow Jebro on TwitterTwitch or YouTube.

Foostival UK partners with Aurora Peachy

We recently announced that both Corvus and the RPG Shack will be attending the Foostival, but we’ve still got more surprises to announce.

Aurora PeachyWhile the Foostival is about bringing players face to face, making friends, and having a great time, we do know that many of you won’t be able to make it to one of the events across Europe. So we’ve partnered with our friend Aurora Peachy to give everyone a little taste of the Foostival in London on Saturday May 7th.

Aurora Peachy is a regular Guild Wars 2 streamer, Youtuber and host of the podcast Guild Gab. She has been streaming Guild Wars 2 for years, and was part of the live coverage of the Heart of Thorns announcement in PAX South in 2015. We couldn’t be more excited to have her support.

She will be hosting a special Foostival live stream, linking up with the event in London. Expect fun, frolics and festivities as she brings you quaggan madness and gives away some prizes! So if you can’t make it to London, you can still mark May 7th on your calendar.

In the meantime check out her streams on Twitch!

Ticket Sales Start Monday!

May 7th is fast approaching and soon it will be time to secure your spot at Foostival UK 2016. On February 29th at 10:00am you can get your place at the Foostival through our exclusive online ticket store and fast Quaggans get the best prices!

A limited run of tickets will be available at an early Tengu price, either until they’re gone, or until April 2nd when the price will rise. As the Secret Weapon is a bar, there is an under 18’s ticket at a lower price. This does mean that all attendees will be expected to bring valid photo ID to comply with licensing regulations.

In response to feedback from last year’s event, we’ve overhauled our booking system, and you’ll now receive an automated e-ticket to bring with you to the event. There’s no need to print out your tickets, as we can scan them straight from your phone! However, this does mean there is a small booking fee for each ticket to cover the cost of the ticketing system and processing payments.


Early Bird Price 29/02 - 02/04 Standard Price 02/04 - 06/05 Booking Fee per ticket
Adult (18+) Ticket £10.00 £12.50 £1.00
Under 18s Ticket £5.00 £6.00 £0.50


We’re keeping ticket prices as low as we can to allow as many as possible to attend, but we still want you to have a great day while you’re at Foostival. You might have already heard about our amazing guests and our fantastic venue that are included in the ticket price, but you’ll also get a drink on arrival and secret Foostival swag. Doors will open at 10:30am for an 11am start, and we’ll finish up about 6:30pm. Please note that lunch is not included this year, but there are a number of great food outlets a short walk from the venue.

We’ve got The RPG Shack, Corvus, and Jebro already confirmed. Aurora Peachy will be joining us via live stream and if the human gods are in our favour, we might even get an appearance by ArenaNet’s community team. The day will be packed with friendly competitions, QnAs, a chance to have your say on Guild Was 2, and the company of your fellow fans.

For directions to the Secret Weapon, check out our Location page. Full ticket terms and conditions are available too.

You’ll be able to get tickets from Monday 29th February at 10am via our SimpleTix store.

Foostival UK Welcomes Corvus!

Foostival is drawing nearer and it’s time to start announcing even more about the event. After a lot of work we can now announce our latest guest for Foostival UK. Joining us at The Secret Weapon will be musician, streamer, podcast host, and Youtuber Corvus!

covus2Corvus is a staple of the UK Guild Wars 2 community, having played Guild Wars 2 for years. He joins us all the way from sunny Scotland. Think of it like the Frostgorge Mountains of the UK, with more haggis and fewer dredge. His musical accomplishments have been repeatedly highlighted on ArenaNet’s Community Showcase Live, and he is a co-host on the Guild Gab podcast.

With a passion for all things dark, Corvus has been a passionate defender of the necromancer for longer than I can remember. He will be making his way down to London to share his opinion on Guild Wars 2, answer your questions and help us with a special treat.

You can find Corvus on TwitterYoutube and Soundcloud.

Foostival UK Welcomes the RPG Shack!

Foostival is an event that thrives on its community. We love to see your faces each year and can’t wait for May 7th to see you all again. As we are an event run by the community, for the community, why not get some guests close to the community?

Well, we went ahead and did just that. Foostival are proud to announce the very first of our guests for 2016; Alex aka The RPG Shack. Alex is a well-known community figure, running his own YouTube channel, streaming, featuring on the Guild Gab podcast, and generally prancing around as one half of the dreaded Corvalex.

If you would like to come to Foostival and grill the man behind The RPG Shack, watch this space for ticket sales soon. In the mean time we did a little light grilling of our own.RPGShack Logo

How long have you played Guild Wars 2?

I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 since April 2012 I think, from access to the closed betas through to the Headstart at launch and pretty much every day since then!

What is your favourite memory of Guild Wars 2?

A lot of my favourite memories from the game come from when what we take for granted now in Guild Wars 2 was new and exciting! Certainly the first time I found Tequatl or Shatterer dropping in on Sparkfly Fen will remain one of the most breath-taking things I’ve ever seen in the game.

What do you spend most of your time doing outside of Tyria?

I spend a lot of time shouting at editing software! I also play bass, electric guitar as well as DM a Dungeons & Dragons group with friends. I also work full time for a charity so it’s safe to say I keep myself busy!

Favourite class and race (doesn’t have to be playable)?

Favourite class would have to be Revenant. Aside from the DPS capabilities being ridonkulous, the melding of class mechanics with lore, lots of shiny particle effects it also looks completely badass. Also, staff 5 to win.

Favourite race would either be Kodan or Largos. Giant Nautical Bear Vikings and Underwater Ninjas – what’s not to love?

Your favourite character you have made?

Elsa Jade, my ranger from Day 1. I main ranger and I’d never delete her. The name has a bit of a history, she started off as a Stormlord of Talos in 3.5e D&D but I wasn’t keen on Guardian at launch so she made the switch.

Worst moment in Guild Wars 2?

The first Southsun event. Unmitigated chaos and lag. And the day that Super Adventure Box was turned off in 2013 and has yet to reappear.

Most anticipated change or release?

I think that the Return to School update for Super Adventure Boxwas one of the most wanted returns of content, so waiting for the next instalment is close to the top of the list. Aside from that and the other staple answer of Cantha, I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the second set of legendary weapons.

Also, the patch where they finally sort out both the rooting and knockback on Ranger sword auto-attack!

Guild Wars 2 is done, what do you play?

More RPGs! Seriously, I’m a dice-roller at heart so I’ve been deep into Pillars of Eternity, Torment: Tides of Numenera, Wasteland 2 and The Witcher 3. I’m also super stoked for The Division and the new Deus Ex game coming later this year.

No JRPGs. Srsly.


You can find The RPG Shack on Twitter, Youtube and Twitch.

Draw Me A Quaggan

Each year the team at Foostival reach out across Europe and ask the Guild Wars 2 community to help us make Foostival special. As part of this everyone here at Foostival UK would like to invite you to enter our annual Draw A Quaggan contest and take part in Foostival 2016, wherever you are.

Entering is easy! Simply draw a quaggan and send us your effort. Your work can take any theme, from an avenging quaggan, a spooky Halloween quaggan, or even a Pact Commanding quaggan.

Once you have completed your entry, send it to the French team at before the end of 18/03/2016.

Five entries will be selected and displayed at each Foostival, around the EU, and our guests will vote for the very best one.

If you need some inspiration for this year, check out some examples from last year’s Foostival.



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