Foostival UK Welcomes Corvus!

Foostival is drawing nearer and it’s time to start announcing even more about the event. After a lot of work we can now announce our latest guest for Foostival UK. Joining us at The Secret Weapon will be musician, streamer, podcast host, and Youtuber Corvus!

covus2Corvus is a staple of the UK Guild Wars 2 community, having played Guild Wars 2 for years. He joins us all the way from sunny Scotland. Think of it like the Frostgorge Mountains of the UK, with more haggis and fewer dredge. His musical accomplishments have been repeatedly highlighted on ArenaNet’s Community Showcase Live, and he is a co-host on the Guild Gab podcast.

With a passion for all things dark, Corvus has been a passionate defender of the necromancer for longer than I can remember. He will be making his way down to London to share his opinion on Guild Wars 2, answer your questions and help us with a special treat.

You can find Corvus on TwitterYoutube and Soundcloud.

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