Foostival UK Welcomes the RPG Shack!

Foostival is an event that thrives on its community. We love to see your faces each year and can’t wait for May 7th to see you all again. As we are an event run by the community, for the community, why not get some guests close to the community?

Well, we went ahead and did just that. Foostival are proud to announce the very first of our guests for 2016; Alex aka The RPG Shack. Alex is a well-known community figure, running his own YouTube channel, streaming, featuring on the Guild Gab podcast, and generally prancing around as one half of the dreaded Corvalex.

If you would like to come to Foostival and grill the man behind The RPG Shack, watch this space for ticket sales soon. In the mean time we did a little light grilling of our own.RPGShack Logo

How long have you played Guild Wars 2?

I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 since April 2012 I think, from access to the closed betas through to the Headstart at launch and pretty much every day since then!

What is your favourite memory of Guild Wars 2?

A lot of my favourite memories from the game come from when what we take for granted now in Guild Wars 2 was new and exciting! Certainly the first time I found Tequatl or Shatterer dropping in on Sparkfly Fen will remain one of the most breath-taking things I’ve ever seen in the game.

What do you spend most of your time doing outside of Tyria?

I spend a lot of time shouting at editing software! I also play bass, electric guitar as well as DM a Dungeons & Dragons group with friends. I also work full time for a charity so it’s safe to say I keep myself busy!

Favourite class and race (doesn’t have to be playable)?

Favourite class would have to be Revenant. Aside from the DPS capabilities being ridonkulous, the melding of class mechanics with lore, lots of shiny particle effects it also looks completely badass. Also, staff 5 to win.

Favourite race would either be Kodan or Largos. Giant Nautical Bear Vikings and Underwater Ninjas – what’s not to love?

Your favourite character you have made?

Elsa Jade, my ranger from Day 1. I main ranger and I’d never delete her. The name has a bit of a history, she started off as a Stormlord of Talos in 3.5e D&D but I wasn’t keen on Guardian at launch so she made the switch.

Worst moment in Guild Wars 2?

The first Southsun event. Unmitigated chaos and lag. And the day that Super Adventure Box was turned off in 2013 and has yet to reappear.

Most anticipated change or release?

I think that the Return to School update for Super Adventure Boxwas one of the most wanted returns of content, so waiting for the next instalment is close to the top of the list. Aside from that and the other staple answer of Cantha, I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the second set of legendary weapons.

Also, the patch where they finally sort out both the rooting and knockback on Ranger sword auto-attack!

Guild Wars 2 is done, what do you play?

More RPGs! Seriously, I’m a dice-roller at heart so I’ve been deep into Pillars of Eternity, Torment: Tides of Numenera, Wasteland 2 and The Witcher 3. I’m also super stoked for The Division and the new Deus Ex game coming later this year.

No JRPGs. Srsly.


You can find The RPG Shack on Twitter, Youtube and Twitch.

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