Our Secret Weapon

Come pull up a chair at our very own tavern! Last week Foostival UK announced Loading Bar 2 as the location to be on May 7th 2016. With so much to tell you about, we thought what better way to introduce you to our venue than show you! Foostival UK host Ed (Screenager) took a trip to Loading Bar 2 earlier this week and came back with a bunch of pictures. Loading Bar 2 is the second of the “Loading” bars and is a short walk from Stratford Station; click here for more details on how to get there.

Officially named “The Secret Weapon”, Loading Bar 2 is easy to spot, doused in bright blue and with Pacman guarding the entrance.

Secret Weapon Front

Inside is a tribute to all things gaming, with arcade machines, game art and retro consoles. It also features a range of drinks behind the bar, as well as tea and coffee for those of you that just want to stay awake. 5 top of the range gaming PC’s are housed in the bar, where we will put you all through trials of strength, endurance, and hitting space bar as a giant cat. Yep, that’s right we’ll be running a jumping puzzle challenge. Each of these PCs is outfitted with a keyboard, a gaming mouse and a controller (in case you’re feeling adventurous). We will have Guild Wars 2 running on each of the PCs, and will have a bunch of accounts ready if you can’t bring your own.

Secret Weapon also has a sound system, a projector system, a whole lot of those chair things, a bar, and awesome staff. They even have a little stage! I’ll be strutting around it on the day.

The staff at the bar tonight showed us around and as they have a fantastic venue for us to take over. Take a look at our gallery of images and keep an eye out for more information on the upcoming events & guests that will be coming to Foostival 2016.

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