Meet The Team

Now we’ve released a little about this year’s Foostival, we thought you might like to learn a little bit about the team running it. Foostival is an EU wide day of fun run by fans for fans with events across the UK, France, Germany and beyond. A veritable Krewe of busy Bookahs work tirelessly throughout the year to create the best day possible. Here in the UK, our party consists of:


Alternately going by the handle “Screenager”, Ed can be found in World vs World, planting the flag for his server and dipping into PvP now and then. He has been a guild leader, community builder, writer, critic, podcast host, event co ordinator amongst many other things. Ed has played Guild Wars 2 since it launched and has been all over Tyria since then. His favourite race are Sylvari and he’s an engineer through and though.

Outside of Tyria, Ed is an IT bod for a bank, writes for the team at Gaiscioch Magazine, spends a bit too much time at the gym, and loves to dabble in lots of other MMOs. You can follow him on Twitter.


SamAvatar 500

Sam is known to her war band as “Tasha”, a guild leader, community builder and the organising force behind Foostival UK. When a t needs crossing or a list needs making, Sam has it covered and she will make sure we never run out of supplies. She has played both Guild Wars 1 & 2, holding together a tight knit community in the process.

When she’s not in the guild tavern, you can find Sam directing IT stuff, building a world to terrorise her players in Dungeons and Dragons, or just getting up close and personal with the names behind the characters. You can follow her on Twitter.



Also known as the one and only Jebro! He’s probably best known to you all as the face of Guild Wars 2 PvP throughout the EU. As a regular face on our screens every week, Jebro brings a recognisable face to the Foostival and his innate understanding of the PvP scene. Dan has been playing Guild Wars 2 since release and he has gone from a WvW commander to a PvP addict. Jebro will, of course, be bringing his deep knowledge of PvP to Foostival UK.

When he’s not in the mists you can occasionally find him in Verdant Brink (he recently finished Dragon’s Stand for the first time) or with his guild. You can follow Jebro on TwitterTwitch or YouTube.

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