What You Can Expect At The Foostival!

It’s been a few weeks since we launched ticket sales here at Foostival UK. We’ve seen interest from all over the UK and we’d like to let you all know a bit more about what we have planned for you on May 7th.

Time Event
10:30am Doors Open
11:00am Welcome
11:15am Let's break the ice/LFG
12:00pm Roundtable
1:00pm Break for lunch
2:30pm PvP with Jebro & TBD
3:30pm Quiz
4:00pm Prizes
5:00pm Guild Gab & Jumping Puzzle Challenge
6:00pm Goodbyes
6:30pm Doors Close

Here’s a bit more about the various events


After dividing everyone into groups and breaking the ice, we’ll be asking for your feedback on the state of the game. Discuss your opinions with those at your table and take on the role of Commander to relay that to the room. Your feedback will be fed directly back to the community team at ArenaNet.


As we can’t provide lunch this year, we’re expecting our guests will need to go on a mini quest for some grub. There are two shopping centres full of food outlets within a short walk of the venue, or you can bring your own. Whilst finishing off your food (or after trying to convince Greggs that Omnomberry Pie is a thing), head back to the Secret Weapon to indulge in a few casual activities we’ll be running. What better game to play in a bar than Belcher’s Bluff? Or if you’re feeling crafty, build a golem, create a quaggan or put together papercraft charr.

PvP with Jebro

What’s better than competition between friends? Jebro will be bringing his deep knowledge of PvP to Foostival 2016 and sharing it with us all. The Secret Weapon has a number of gaming pcs so get ready to get in game and fight alongside your compatriots. Show Jebro what you’re made of and maybe pick up a few tips along the way.

For those of you who aren’t interested in PvP we’ll be running another event in parallel, but it needs a bit more work. It’ll be ready when its ready!


Surely the regulars at the Dead End bar have a pub quiz? Now Foostival does too. Group up with your team mates and see who has the best knowledge of Tyria and the real world. I don’t know what conundrums the Priory have come up with but if you can best the rest of us, there’s surely a prize in it for you!


Did we mention we’ve got prizes? What Foostival would be complete without swag? We’ve got plenty of RNG in our Foostival lottery. While everyone will get something to go home with, you’d better consume all your luck before Foostival if you want to stand a chance of getting the best stuff.

Not only does the quiz have some amazing prizes but a number of events will be running throughout the day that award epic loot.

Guild Gab

Our special guests RPGShack, Corvus, and the awesome AuroraPeachy have agreed to help make this year extra special by linking up her Foostival stream with us, live on the day, and hosting a special edition of the Guild Gab podcast from Foostival UK. Be sure to join her online or be there in person for the best seat in the house.

Jumping Puzzles

While Guild Gab runs, you’ll have the opportunity to beat a few of our select jumping challenges. They will be revealed on the day so you’ll have to practice all of them! The quickest runs will leave Foostival with a very rare prize.

Beat the Clock in CoF

Throughout the day we will be running our Citadel of Flame trials. We’ll be playing on an even field with a set meta team composition, and the challenge is to see how far you can get through Path 1 in 5 minutes. There will be even more prizes up for grabs; this is the one time CoF drops more than blues and greens!


Tickets are on sale for the Foostival and you’ve got a few days left to grab the cheaper, early bird price. Secure your spot at our ticketing portal before the price rise on April 2nd.


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