Prizes Galore!

The Foostival is rapidly approaching and today we’re revealing a very special delivery that we received from ArenaNet. Just as with last year, we received several boxes of goodies.


But what was in them? Well, it turns out there was a lot!



Pictured above you can see a few of the highlights, including a sports shirt signed by the developers, a “Scarlet Is Dead” ladies shirt, one of the foil Heart of Thorns announcement shirts, a copy of the art book, a Rytlock plushie, Wintersday quaggan plushie and the coveted Guild Wars 2 toaster! This is just a small selection of what will be available for attendees to win on the 7th May; we’ve got mousepads, books and over 40 shirts for you to take home.

If you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, there’s still a few available. Grab yours now through our ticket store.

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